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Forex Rates – by Lucas

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Forex rates Lucas is here to trade! Hi everyone and welcome to my blog on the internet. I have to admit that I am very excited about this, opening my own blog and getting to hopefully do what I like online. I love forex trading and although I am kind of a beginner at this I did find that trading rates hold the key to successful trading.

With this epiphany came the realization that I want to learn more about forex rates when it comes to trading. And I don’t mean just watching the markets and currency pairs go up and down, I mean learning to choose which forex platform or which forex site offers the fastest buy and sell options to its customers.

Let’s face it, there are a ton of Forex companies out there and an additional ton of Forex platforms right along next to them. With such a huge selection of financial products available it is extremely difficult to find the one site you feel comfortable with.

Rate Forex Companies

The solution came easy enough, rate forex companies based on the real time forex rates info they give, server response and update time on each transaction and the reliability of the company and it’s analysts giving good advice.

I am just starting today so please bare with me as I gather more and more information and tryout more and more platforms.

I also want to ask anyone with experience to please join up and add his or her comment and share the knowledge.

Foreign Exchange Market Understanding

Once you know or start getting a sense of how today’s forex rates are acting you can become a really good trader. You see if you learn to understand why the foreign exchange rates are changing, you will gain better control over the decisions you make whenever you trade.

I want to discover the real news sources that are the best to receive updates on the world’s economy. I want to learn to anticipate changes in foreign exchange rates a little bit before they happen and then make my investment. Information is power and in today’s forex market everyone is exposed to the same information. The only question is where to find the best info and how to interpret it to your advantage.

My name is Luca Blair and I want you to join me and see how I make it or break it on the market. You will get to read constant updates on my reviews and testing of my forex rates theory. I hope you all enjoy.